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Data Backup Solutions

computer security Have you ever turned on your computer and felt like you were sitting in the wrong chair? Everything was fine yesterday . . . What's happened? In panic you wonder, "How can I get to my documents, spreadsheets, and database?"

Computer Solutions, Inc. can provide you with the peace-of-mind knowing that all your critical data is safeguarded against unforeseen circumstances or hardware failure. Living in Florida poses additional challenges due to lightning strikes, power outages, and 'brown-outs.' The solution: consistent data backups - it's the only sure way to protect against loss of information resulting from circumstances that are beyond your control. Don't take the risk with your personal files or your business systems, call us today for a data backup solution designed to fit your needs.

Custom-Built Computers

Have you ever purchased a new computer only to find it loaded down with tons of obscure programs that do nothing but slow your computer down – or attempt to update when you are trying to surf the web? Many retail outlets selling off-the-shelf computers offer a “clean up” service for around $80, but often leave most of the junk behind.

Let CSI come to the rescue.
CSI will custom build a computer just for you without all the BLOATWARE – exactly what you need and nothing more. From a durable business workstation to the next generation gamer, CSI will create the right hardware platform for you.

Need an older operating system for those legacy programs? No problem. Want to have the latest technology under the hood? No problem. Have a need for high-end graphics? No problem. Do you want the security of redundant hard drives? No problem. Do you want flexibility for future growth and expansion? No problem. CSI will integrate your computer TO ORDER.

While there are cheaper computers available in retail stores, you’ll spend an average of (3) to (5) hours removing the junk – if you happen to know what is junk and what is not. You’ll also spend an extra $200 or more if you build a spec computer from the popular brands like Dell or HP – and still have the junk.

With over 20 years experience in computer design and integration, CSI is the choice for your next spec computer. Your computer is backed by a full 3-year warranty, parts and labor.